Completed Life March 2021 Symposium: Session 2 | Thursday, March 25

Session Two 
Unprecedented: Understanding Multifaceted Suffering


How does someone maintain their personhood while suffering through a complicated illness? Session Two will explore different experiences of suffering, specifically looking at psychological suffering, diminished states of consciousness, disability, and loss. Can the violation of one’s autonomy itself be a part of suffering? What if a person is not aware that their autonomy is being violated? This session will examine how to build empathy and increase awareness for individuals who face suffering and distress at the end of their life.


Brent Kious, MD, PhD
Brent Kious MD PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Adjunct Professor in the Program in Medical Ethics and Humanities in the Department of Internal Medicine, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Utah.

Linda Golding, MA, Board Certified Chaplain
Linda Golding, MA, Board Certified Chaplain, Staff Chaplain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, Coordinator of Pastoral Care for Milstein Hospital, Adjunct Professor in Bioethics at Columbia University.