Completed Life March 2021 Symposium: Session 3 | Friday, March 26

Session Three 
God and Death: Examining Suffering from Faith Perspectives


What is a good death from the perspective of different theological traditions? Session Three will examine how religious and spiritual traditions have well-tried ideas on what comprises a good death, and how to amplify the sacredness of dying within an individual’s preferred tradition. Our speakers will examine existential suffering and the physical suffering that results from terminal illness from the lens of Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions.


Reverend Andrea Raynor, MDiv
Reverend Andrea Raynor, MDiv, served as chaplain to the morgue at Ground Zero after 9/11, and is the Author of The Alphabet of Grief.

Rabbi Mira Rivera, MA, Board Certified Chaplain
Rabbi Mira Rivera, MA, Board Certified Chaplain, is the Associate Rabbi & Director of Pastoral Care at Kehilat Romemu in New York City.

Sameer Ladha, JD, MS Bioethics
Sameer Ladha, JD, MS Bioethics is a Lecturer and Deputy Academic Director of the Masters of Bioethics Program at Columbia University.