Kalena Liu
Kalena Liu is a first year medical student at the CUNY School of Medicine in New York, NY. She received her Bachelor’s in Science at the City College of New York, at the Sophie Davis BS/MD Program for Biomedical Education. Her passions include expanding access to healthcare and eliminating systemic inequities in medicine. As an outreach intern for Completed Life Initiative, she is excited to partner with outside organizations to provide increased access to end-of-life resources. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new recipes, hanging out with her friends, and creating itineraries for future travel plans!


“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”  

– Carl Sagan

Like Atul Gawande once wrote, “The battle of being mortal is the battle to maintain the integrity of one’s life—to avoid becoming so diminished or dissipated or subjugated that who you are becomes disconnected from who you were or who you want to be.” We have a fundamental responsibility to protect autonomy and dignity for all people, regardless of health status. In challenging preconceived perceptions surrounding end-of-life care, my values drive my work here at Completed Life Initiative in hopes of creating change.