Board of Directors

Nicole Nuttall​


Nicole Nuttall is the Treasurer of the Completed Life Initiative. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. As a young professional, she moved to New York City to pursue photography and film; later, she settled in Fairfield, Connecticut to grow her photography business. Nicole became involved with a local environmental organization, Mill River Wetland Committee. As the Educate Lead she supervises the River-Lab Program, a program based on the river and its importance to the ecosystem and environment, for Fairfield Public Schools students. She has also expanded the program to develop an Online Classroom based on these concepts, and is in the process of developing Community Programs to bring to small groups.


The ability of a person to determine that their life is complete, and do so on their own terms and with dignity, is one that Nicole considers a basic human right. As a young adult, Nicole watched her grandmother decline in a nursing home; later, she watched her own mother deteriorate for nine years from multiple strokes and vascular dementia; further, she witnessed her father brave treatment for metastatic prostate cancer before succumbing to the disease. These experiences of loved ones battling serious illness made Nicole realize just how important it is to not only create your own story in how you live your life, but also to preserve your voice in how you complete it. Embracing the philosophy of self-determination at the end of life, she joined the Completed Life Initiative.


“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” 

– Kurt Vonnegut

“Everyone has a right to determine what happens to their body. First sex talk, then death talk.”