Board of Directors

Faith Sommerfield

Founder & Director

Faith Sommerfield is the Founder of The Completed Life Initiative. A graduate of Smith College, Faith, a fourth-generation New Yorker, majored in English Language and Literature before becoming an editor of Harper’s Bazaar. After her stint as fashion editor at Harper’s, Faith embarked upon a career in public relations in Manhattan. Later, forming her own interior design company, Sommerfield and Warren, servicing both corporate and residential clients. An original member of the Hemlock Society, she fully believes that self-determination should be the right of every individual. Over the course of her life, Faith has observed that while medical advancements have prolonged the average lifespan tremendously, the process of aging within American culture has been largely misunderstood. Faith’s vision for The Completed Life Initiative is to leave an impact for the greater good by promoting conversation, authentic understanding, and legislation that empowers people to face the complete life cycle with self-determination and, above all else, dignity. 


“In quixotically trying to conquer death doctors all too frequently do no good for their patients’ “ease” but at the same time they do harm instead by prolonguing and even magnifying patients’ dis-ease.”  

― Jack Kevorkian, Prescription: Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death

“My lifelong interest in end of life issues has been inspired by Dr. Kevorkian, the pathologist, who said he chose that specialty because it is from the dead that we learn about life.”