Our Mission

Mortality is part of being human. Our mission is to address human mortality with respect, compassion, and dignity.

Our Vision for the Completed Life Initiative

The Completed Life Initiative, founded in 2019, was created in an effort to promote self-determination and dignity at the end-of-life. The notion of what it means to live life until its completion – hence, “Completed Life” – arose from our Founder’s desire to empower individuals to have full control over their end-of-life experience. What does it mean to live a completed life? How does one communicate their end-of-life wishes to loved ones, to ensure that it unfolds as desired? How do we empower individuals to live as fully as possible, assured that their end-of-life wishes will be respected? How do we relieve human suffering at the end-of-life while honoring personal dignity?

The most straightforward way to answer these questions led to pioneering a national advocacy and education initiative with grassroots moxie. Our purpose is to provide increased access to end-of-life care resources, expand Death with Dignity legislative action, and start a national movement prompting people to ask: “what does it mean to live a completed life?”